Home Studio Set up under 5000

If you are a musician and now planning to take your music to the next level then you are at right place. You may have been exploring the possibility of setting up a home studio and that urge may have landed you on this page.

As a beginner, there are many questions in our mind:

  • What are the home studio essentials?
  • Shall I buy a home studio bundle or individual items?
  • Which is the best home studio recording software?
  • What should be the budget for home studio?

Ultimately, we aim to balance between budget and quality for the home studio set up.

It is always wise to get the best feasible home studio equipment as this is a long term investment. However, as a beginner it makes complete sense to get the cheapest possible solution available without compromising with the quality.

Hence below are the suggestion based on my experience.

If budget is not a constraint then Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface and Recording Bundle with Pro Tools is among the best home studio bundles available today. It costs around 24K and is used widely by Artists including professionals.

However, our aim is to get the budget studio setup with an acceptable quality.
Without taking much time of yours, let me share how and why I ended up finding the cheapest home studio equipment .

For bread and butter, I work in a private company. And for satisfaction, I rely on my hobby which is singing. For this I started creating covers and uploading on You Tube. But soon I realized the limitation of recording audio with mobile phones. So I decided to set up home studio and in this urge I bought Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface and Recording Bundle with Pro Tools.

I was excited and hoped to record good quality songs. Before I could get much hands on with Focusrite bundle including mic, audio interface, recording software (Pro Tools), there came the threat of Corona. Realizing that home town is safer than a Metro City however, failing to realize that I may not return soon, I traveled without the bundle.

It was June and still no clarity when to go back and recording audio with mobile phone was not satisfactory. So decided to buy home studio equipment again. Since I already had one, there one no point in investing a considerate amount again. So I researched a lot and almost decided to buy individual items as following:

Then on Amazon, I found a company named Wright selling a home studio bundle in Rs 4500/-. I had never heard of this company before so did some research and found out that they already have a selling product Wright WR 800, a Condenser Microphone. 800+ User’s rating (3.8/5) gave me some confidence in the company.

I first verified that this is not Made in China (credit to Mr Sonam Wangchuk)! In fact it turned out be an Indian company so decided to buy this ‘Made In India’ product.

The bundle includes:

  • WRIGHT WR-12 USB 2.0 Audio Interface 2 X 2
  • WR-800 Condenser Microphone
  • WR-35 Stand
  • WP-101 POP Filter
  • Male to Female XLR Cable
  • 6.4MM Audio Adapter

I received the parcel from Mumbai hence kept it away for a week, to be on safer side!
When I opened it, packaging disappointed me a bit.
BUT I was taken by surprise when started setting it up. No additional drivers were needed during the setup and literally it was like a cake walk. People who have set up Focusrite bundle or any other company’s bundle may understand what this means.
Importantly, the output quality of Audio generated was really Great.

Below are some features to give you an idea what the bundle provides:

  • USB audio interface with 48v phantom power supply. Great and Must for Condenser Mic
  • 2 Input and output Streams . You can Live record voice with Guitar or Piano
  • Ultra-low latency (Very Important feature!)
  • Live Monitoring
  • Clip indicators (to avoid distortion in Audio)

Overall, I am satisfied with the product and will definitely recommend this to starters.
Not only because it is a budget buy but also provides the good output quality.

For you reference, I recorded a cover song Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein | Unplugged Cover using the bundle.

This song was recorded using Wright Bundle with Ableton Live 10 Lite

PS: I am not a promoter of any Wright product and with this post I intent to help starters like me.

Wishing All the Best, I hope you will find this article useful. Happy Recording!
Your thoughts, feedback, suggestions are Welcome!

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