Top 10 DAWs of 2021

Computer and microphones are not the last things you need for a home studio. You need more than the hardware to push the limit of your creativity. This is why you definitely need DAW’s. These are digital audio workstations on which you will edit your recordings and bring out the best within it. There are very few options among the DAW market, and without buying a good one, you shouldn’t edit your music with average software.

06. Ableton Live 10 Suite

Abelton’s domination in the music marketplace is hard to measure. It made an impact on the music software arena, which made other software’s look dim. When Abelton launched its first version back in 2001, it totally changed the contemporary designed rulebook. It created its own standard and builds itself not just as recording software for musicians and composers, but also a performance level instrument for everyone. From that time and forward, it made a huge explosion in the development of countless influence among the music composers and gained popularity like no other.

The last release of Abelton brought a huge change and it an eagerly awaited update, which brought a lot of meaningful changes. Most of those changes went to the view of the arrangements. They also included some new plugins as well, which include the Echo and the Wavetable synth, Drum Buss, and Pedal effects.

  • Super-fast workflow design which has a creative touch
  • Some of the most unique built-in plug-in included.
  • Professional composer’s first choice.

Try Ableton Live for free: Get all the features of Live 10 Suite free for 90 days

05. Avid Pro Tools

When talking about Avid Pro tools, we find it difficult from where we shall start our conversation. Pro tools were and still are one of the most renowned DAW in an industry-standard recording. All the recording studios throughout the world use it without any second thought.  Even though the software never made an impact in the home studio recording market, but it sure made a lot of noise-making in-home studio owners’ choice list. If you have knowledge of Pro tools, then it will definitely put you to an advantage for working in the music industry

With their recent updates, Avid improved the workflow design of pro tools. This improvement has an avid advantage over any other software’s. Music composers can now update their tracks anytime with timeline sections while they’re playing back the song. Also, with these, it is easy to experiment with presets and effects and other valuables.

  • An original industry-standard Music software
  • Before you buy, you can try the premium version if you want.
  • Now comes with new and improved workflows

Try PRO TOOLS for free: It includes 110+ plugins, a 2 GB high-quality loop library and 1 GB of Collaboration Cloud Storage

04. Apple Logic Pro X 10.4

Apple released its logic pro software a lot of time ago, and it’s been a while since we fully saw a brand new version of Logic Pro. The original version, called Logic Pro X, was released back in 2013. The numbers that made people perceived wrong was called version 10.5, which is actually Logic Pro 11. Above other matters and whatever happened with the name or not, Apple turned this into one of the most traditional DAWs. It is truly contemporary music production software.

Although Apple is most efficiently following all the trends here, it is the most modernized step up software for which many Logic Pro users have been looking for. The most important part is, it is an honest value for money.

  • It comes with live loops which clearly nail the linear less DAW workflow
  • Step Sequencer is a great tool to use with

Try Logic X Pro for free:  Logic Pro version 10.5.1 for your Mac

03. Steinberg Cubase Pro 10

When you open Cubase 10 pro for the first time, the overall feel you will get is a familiarity. But when you closely inspect every icon, you will feel a noticeably cleaner interface. It is very general that the Cubase designers are trying to focus on a more modern look and flatter UI. To be fair, this is literary a good move in so many aspects. But we found out that there are some areas in the interface, noticeably in the MixConsole part where the customize scale and different color boxes are in lack of vividness.


  • You will get a lot of regular updates
  • Lots of content in one bundle
  • A good option for the price offered

Try Cubase Pro for free: Cubase Pro 10.5 comes with the same range of functionality as the full versions

02. Image Line FL Studio 20

This was launched originally in the name FruityLoops. This Daw has a status of near-iconic for many generations of musicians and producers. The hip-hop and EDM genre composers used it from time to time, and according to their review, there’s nothing to come in between. Now in its latest version called FL studio 20, it supports 64-bit Mac version. This means that this software can now be used on Apple computers. One of the super benefited options is, it offers free lifetime upgrades to its paid users. In our perspective, this software is best for making vlog or YouTube videos.

  • Best software for electronic dance songs and social media videos.
  • Free upgrade throughout your life.
  • Great software compared to its price.

Try FL Studio for free: Trial version is functionally equivalent to FL Studio Producer Edition + All Plugins Bundle, with a few limitations

01. Audacity

We kept this for last because it’s totally free. If you want to start for a small work like a podcast or just normal sound record editing, then this software is for you. It does come with a lot of options and with just only $2, you can access the library and other limited stuff.

  • Fully free and functional.
  • A lot of dialogues and editing options.
  • Multitrack record and batch processing supported.

No Trial version! You get it FREE. Audacity is a free software and developed by volunteers.


  • DAW is easy and samples to buy, but how much you can get out of it will depend on you.
  • There is no absolute Best. It is more what suits your Style
  • Good to start with free version and then build up as needed.
    Because expensive ones are usually used by the professionals, and you can barely handle the real features of a professional DAW in the starting phase

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