First Recording

Are you a Singer, You Tuber or Pod Caster and looking to set up home studio in budget? If answer is Yes, Welcome to ‘First Recording’. This site is all about how to setup home recording studio and record quality audio/video at Home and grow your online presence.

We aim to reduce your learning curve from our experience. You will find avenues best suited to you and your budget.

There is no question that when you’re building something like a studio in your home, you obviously want to do it in the cheapest way possible. In the most obvious case, the recordings you create in this studio will be published online from home instead of officially released from an official studio. So you need to make things work in a way by which you will give less but get more. This is why you need a proper guide for your setups, and for this guide, we created this site in which you will get the basic ideas of setting up your own indoor, in house studio

You will find here

We will talk about all that is needed in the process to set up good home studio in budget including

  • Home recording studio kit
  • home recording studio software
  • Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  • mic
  • Camera
  • Reviews
  • Tutorials

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Learn how to record quality audio songs at home. How to mix and master them.


Learn how to record YouTube Videos. Know about the free video editing software.


Let the voice be your Identity. Learn what is needed for Podcast Studio and how to reach audience.

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